This is an explanation on how you can improve your general fluency in writing and speaking English when you are learning English as a second language.

An English essay for 180 words should take 25 minutes maximum to be written.

That means around 30 words should be written every five minutes

To achieve that,  these are my recommendations.  Reference to the writing is called ‘a narrative’.

  1. Select a sample essay or piece of writing which is 175 -200 words
  2. Read it and understand what it is about
  3. Look up in a dictionary the meaning of any words which you do not immediately understand
  4. Read the narrative again until you can not only understand the meaning but can comprehend the structure of the sentences
  5. Write the narrative yourself as a copy-writing exercise in your own handwriting
  6. This copy-writing exercise should be done several times
  7. You should continue to read the narrative until you have memorised it
  8. Speak the narrative both from reading and then from memory
  9. Record your reading of the narrative and assess your own speaking performance
  10. Concentrate on achieving fluency in both reading and speaking
  11. Focus on a controlled way of speaking and clear pronunciation
  12. You should now write down the narrative from memory. Do not worry about making slight mistakes of structure or grammar
  13. You should repeat this writing exercise several times until you have reached a level of fluency
  14. Now try writing the narrative in your own words and repeating the procedure for reading, writing and then speaking
  15. Once you are confident with this method, you can select a different narrative with a greater number of words and repeat the process


This method will re-inforce your general vocabulary and use of it as well as encourage you to use English for writing and speaking in particular in a more fluent and fluid way.



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