It is very important to have an understanding of an overview of a school.

The core purpose of a school is to provide quality education to students.

This provides the platform to build their character, develop their life skills and integrate them as a valued member into society.

Parents are faced with many difficult decisions when considering into what school they should place their child for full time education.

Not all schools are Government ones or free.

Some are private and fee-based; some are classified as either academic or vocational, others as boarding schools, religiously-biased or single-sex schools.

The Vision Mission and Purpose of a school forms an integral part of the relationship which will exist between the school, student and the parents for many years.

It is the essence of literature handed out to parents on an Open Day when it may also be customary for parents and students to be given an orientation tour of the school facilities and sit in on an audio-visual presentation.

This gives parents and students the opportunity to know about the subjects to be taught on the curriculum, the textbooks which will be used, to become acquainted with the classroom and to meet the teachers.

With such opportunity and potential comes expectation.

Students will be required to sit examinations and to attain a certain level of achievement  appropriate to their level of ability and commitment.

Parents will have the opportunity of attending a Parent Teacher meeting and monitoring their child’s progress through online evaluation.

There will be a school code of conduct about cellphones, homework, attendance, punctuality and school uniform amongst other things.

Recreation, prayer, laboratory and library facilities, school dinners, toilet sanitation and in-school safety plus managed pick-up/drop off transportation and extra-curricular study offered after school all will play a significant part in the parents decision to choose a particular school.

Each class has an annually elected class captain who represents the class on the School Council.

Each class has a home teacher who is accountable to the Department Principal, in turn to the Headmaster and then in turn to the Management Committee.

They in turn must be accountable to the Government who regulate their right to be a school at all.

Public holidays will be acknowledged as ‘days off’ from school.

The School year itself is divided into two semesters, the first running from July to December and the second from January to June.

Events are organized throughout the school year.

For example, Graduation Day, Education Day, Heroes Day, Independence Day.

An English Day Speech Competition proves particularly popular among students who can speak English as a second language and certainly enhances the general reputation of the school, not least that it is bi-lingual.

This is by no means complete but it offers an objective overview of a school in the context of its relationship with its students , parents and the community.



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