This is a short English language lesson to practice when you see the doctor and various health symptoms.

Let us speak and practice the health symptoms first.

I have a fever

I have a virus

I have an infection

I have a high temperature

I have a runny nose

I  have a cough

I have a sore throat

I have a rash

I have a headache

I have a stomach ache

I have an ear ache

I have tooth ache

I have a swollen foot

I have a bruise

I have an injury

I have a lump on my knee

I have a broken arm

Now, let’s go and see the doctor.  An appointment is usually necessary.

DOCTOR       Next patient please

PATIENT       Good morning Doctor.

DOCTOR       Good morning Mr. Brown.   What is the matter?

PATIENT       I’m not feeling well

DOCTOR       What are your symptoms?

PATIENT       I have a cough and a runny nose

DOCTOR       I see.  When did it start?

PATIENT       About a week ago Doctor.

DOCTOR       Did you take any medicine?

PATIENT       I took a couple of tablets but nothing else

DOCTOR       All right me, pop up on the couch and let me check you out

PATIENT       Ok, yes.

DOCTOR       Breathe in.     Breathe out.

PATIENT       What do you think Doctor?

DOCTOR       A minor illness, nothing too serious.

PATIENT       Will I be ok?

DOCTOR       Yes of course.  Here’s the prescription for the medicine you need.

PATIENT       Thank you Doctor.

DOCTOR       Take it to the pharmacy desk to get the medicine.  There is a small fee to pay.

PATIENT       No problem.  Thank you again Doctor.

DOCTOR       If you are still feeling unwell in another week, come back to see me again.

PATIENT       Yes I will.

DOCTOR       Goodbye Mr. Brown.  (on the Intercom) Next Patient please.





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