This is a simple narrative aimed at English language students at Elementary School level in Indonesia.

It is intended for writing, reading and speaking practice.


My country is called Indonesia.

I want to tell you about my country.

Indonesia is in south east Asia.

Jakarta is the capital city.

Monas is the national monument in Jakarta.

Indonesia is a republic.

It has a president.

The name of the president right now is Mr. Jokowi.

Indonesia has been independent since the year Nineteen Forty Five.

Independence Day is celebrated on the Seventeenth Day of August.

Indonesia is divided into thirty three provinces.

The population of Indonesia is more than two hundred million people.

There are more than thirteen thousand islands.

Sumatra is the biggest island.  Java island is also big.

Indonesian people are mostly muslim.

Some Indonesians are christian, hindhu and buddhist.

The money currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah.

The two colours of the flag of Indonesia are red and white.

There are many famous volcanoes in Indonesia such as Krakatau, Merapi and Bromo.

Indonesia certainly has a lot of culture, custom and tradition.

Everybody has heard of Bali.  It is a very beautiful island and a popular holiday destination.

General Sudirman and Bu Kartini are two of the important heroes in Indonesian history.

Indonesian people like to eat Padang food which comes from Sumatra.

They fast during the month of Ramadhan.

That’s all about my country, Indonesia.  Thank you.




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