This is a proposal for an English Day.

The English Day will be held at our school in the main hall during two days in the next semester.

The event will have an organizing committee and sponsors who will award prizes to the competition winners.

Those winners will go forward to the regional competition which will take place at the end of next semester.

An independent judging team not affiliated with the schools, sponsors or organizers will sit to decide the winners.

The competition will be open to students from our school and from other schools in the area.

There will be no fee to take part but students must complete an enrolment process and wear school uniform on the day of the competition.

In order of fairness, no student will be allowed to take part in more than one competition.

The Competition aims to promote the use of the English language among school students through a fun and educational challenge in an informal setting.

It will also be seen as a marketing vehicle as a whole to enhance the reputation of the school in support of our vision mission and purpose.

The competition will meet with the approval of the Ministry of Education and follow recommended guidelines laid down by Cambridge University.

Particular emphasis will be on fluency of speaking, content, vocabulary, subject comprehension and quality of performance.

The proposed competition categories are:

Spelling Bee                            4 – 7 years

Tongue Twister                       4- – 7 years

Choral Reading                       7 – 12 years

Story Telling                           7 – 12 years

Essay Writing                          13 – 18 years

Speech Contest                       13 – 18 years

Debate                                     13 – 18 years

Quiz                                        13 – 18 years

A detailed set of rules will be prepared by the organizing committee to regulate enrolment and participation in the competition

I am confident that following on from the inaugural event held last year, English Day can become a landmark on the calendar of the community for everybody to enjoy.


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