An opportunity has arisen for an art enthusiast to join our team as a docent and curator at one of the most prestigious art museums in the world.

Our four galleries house a splendid collection of more than five thousand works of art, ranging from renaissance to contemporary, popular and controversial, permanent and temporary, painted by both local and internationally renowned artists.

The Museum is located in a modern, specially designed building in a redeveloped part of the city which blends in well with the immediate environment.

This position offers the opportunity to listen to an educational talk about art from an art lecturer as well as getting involved in a workshop where you can meet local artists willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

One of your main tasks will be to give informative tours to our many daily visitors and to liase with our chief curator in organising and presenting new works of art for display.

Our Museum recognizes the need to keep young people interested in art in the face of challenging competition from photography and computer graphics and encourages educational school visits.

As a docent and curator, you are therefore expected to promote the benefits of Museum membership, be knowledgeable about art in general and to show a general appreciation of the value of art in all forms.

Working hours will be approximately 11am to 4pm between Monday and Friday,

The successful applicant will, of course, be subject to a background check, orientation tour and interview.

If you are well-spoken and are an art connoisseur, whether as a student or retiree, this could be the opportunity you have been looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you with your application.



Docent                         Curator                        Museum

Gallery                         Exhibits                        Temporary

Permanent                    Workshop                    Enthusiast

Connoisseur                 Collection                     Expertise

Well-spoken                Orientation                   Retiree




DOCENT                    Someone who gives a guided tour of a museum

CURATOR                  Someone who organises and manages the museum

EXHIBITS                   Paintings on display for public viewing at the museum

TEMPORARY            Something which will be displayed for a short/limited time

PERMANENT            A painting retained and kept for constant display and exhibit

ENTHUSIAST            Someone interested in something a lot

CONNOISSEUR        Describing someone who has a passion for art

WELL SPOKEN         Someone who speaks fluently and is easily understood

COLLECTION           Many different paintings kept together for public viewing

EXPERTISE                The noun describing specialist knowledge of a specific subject

ORIENTATION          Navigation or Getting Arround the Museum, Where things are.

RETIREE                     Someone who is retired from regular work and not working

MUSEUM                   Central building where the works of art are displayed

GALLERY                   Individual section of the Museum where the paintings are exhibited

WORKSHOP              A gathering where people engage in a particular activity or discussion

LECTURE                   An educational talk given to an audience



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