This lesson aims to give a simple explanation to the keywords used in arithmetic in English.

The ability to count and to practice numeracy in daily life is very important to us all

There are four basic formulas in arithmetic.

They are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We use these formulas to calculate a total, sum or an amount.

Numbers are often called digits and are classified according to single units, tens, hundreds, thousands and millions.

There are ten numbers starting with zero and ending with nine.

When we add numbers together, we use the word ‘plus’

When we subtract a number from another, we use ‘minus’

When we multiply a number with another, we use ‘times’

When we divide a number from another, we use ‘divide by’

When we arrive at the answer, we use the word ‘equals’

The word ‘unit’ refers to a single number and not to a set of numbers.

For example, every monetary currency is divided into cents.

That means every currency has one hundred cents.  It cannot have more.

The word ‘cent’ comes from the French language and means ‘a hundred’

We use the decimal point to establish a value upto 99.

For example, we can write 2.99 but we cannot write 2.100.

Therefore, after 2.99, the calculation becomes 3.00.

Decimal means that we count in tens until we reach 99 as I have explained above.

For example, 1.09 is followed by 1.10, 1.11 etc until 1.99.

Percentage and Per Cent are  two other words you will come to learn when you learn arithmetic in English.  Think of the number one hundred.

Remember that the word ‘cent’ comes from the French language.

Keep in mind also, if you are also learning Roman numerals, that the letter C stands for one hundred.

Now practice to write and speak the following equations.

  1. Ten times ten plus twenty divided by two equals three.
  2. Fifteen plus two minus five divided by four times seven equals twenty one
  3. Sixty divided by three plus five times three equals seventy five
  4. Twenty seven minus four times three plus one divided by two equals thirty five
  5. Four point five times four minus six divided by three plus thirty four equals thirty eight
  6. Seventy seven plus thirty three minus one hundred and one times ten equals one hundred

This is a summary of the keyword phrases.

Count numbers

Write the digits

Decimal point

Times table


Two PLUS Two EQUALS four

Twenty DIVIDED BY two EQUALS ten

Units, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions

Per Cent and Percentage means part of One Hundred

Roman Numerals is a code of letters written to identify numbers

Practice arithmetic.  Develop numeracy skills

I hope you have found this lesson useful and informative..



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