This is a very simple English language lesson to describe a family.

There are five people in the Jones family.

They are Peter, Diana, John, Simon and Mary.

Peter and Diana Jones are married.  They are husband and wife.

Peter and Diana Jones have three children.

They have two sons and one daughter.

Their sons are called John and Simon.

Their daughter is called Mary.

John, Simon and Mary are siblings.

John is the oldest child.  He is fourteen years old.

Simon is the youngest child.  He is ten years old.

Mary is twelve years old.  She is older than Simon but younger than John.

John is Simon’s brother.

Diana is Mary’s mother.

Diana is Peter’s wife.

Peter is Diana’s husband.

Peter and Diana are the parents of John, Simon and Mary

Mary is John and Simon’s sister.

Peter is John’s father.

Mary has two brothers.

Mary has no sisters.




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