Good morning, distinguished guests, respected teachers and dear friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is ……………………………….. and I am a Grade (five) student at the …………………….. Elementary/Primary/Junior School.

The topic of my speech is education.

Today is Education Day.

I would like to tell you about the value of education and its contribution to our lives.

Education is the tool which helps us to face and deal with challenges.

It gives us knowledge, confidence, shapes our personality and our future.

Education is not only about gaining knowledge but learning how to use it wisely in everyday life to help others.

Our wonderful teachers guide and help us to realize our potential, academically, socially and physically so that we are prepared and strong to face those many difficult challenges ahead of us.

Our teachers show us how to be more independent and creative while pointing us in the right direction for a rewarding life in the big world.

We know and understand that we should seek to remove bad habits, poverty, inequality, gender discrimination and other anti-social issues from our lifestyle in order to be a positive and valued member of society.

My dear friends. I ask you to think of education as a healthy food which nourishes us and makes us strong. When we are strong, then we are happy and at peace with the world .

In conclusion, I would say this. Draw inspiration from people around us who lead by example and who provide us with good quality education, who encourage us to learn what we need to know to go forward with our lives.

Let’s embrace modern technology and know-how but still keep tradition and culture in perfect harmony so that we can achieve excellence in everything we do for future generations.

That’s all. Thank you very much for your attention. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to address you all today.

I am most honoured.


34 thoughts on “EDUCATION DAY SPEECH

  1. Maria rancis Libosada

    Thank you so much for this example of speech, because of your example …I’ve got one speech to present tomorrow…


  2. Amanda

    Hi my name is Amanda and I want to tell you about education -edition is the tool which helps you to face and deal with the challenges


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