This is a brief introduction to the vision and mission of a school.

It is customary for a school to make a public statement of its vision mission and purpose.

The statement is made through hand-out literature and a declaration on the schools internet website.

It certainly plays a very important part in helping parents to decide in what school to place a child for education based on certain principles and ideaology.

From kindergartens and playgroups, public and private schools to Universities, Colleges and Language Course Centres, schools make such a public declaration and use it as a marketing tool.

Such a public statement essentially forms the backbone to the contract for a childs education and a school should be careful to offer only what it can offer.

So let’s take a took at model terms and phrases for a school vision mission and purpose.


  1. To be the school of choice
  2. To provide the platform for a student to acquire knowledge and develop life skills
  3. To uphold a tradition for learning and knowledge
  4. To blend academic excellence with morals, ethics and character building
  5. To mould the student into being a responsible and contributing citizen of the community


  1. To promote high expectations and improve student achievement
  2. To develop academic, emotional, social, religious and physical potential
  3. To provide quality education to every student
  4. To stimulate curiosity, creativity and critical thinking
  5. To provide positive learning opportunities in a caring, supportive, pro-active and     responsive manner
  6. To use modern technology and teaching techniques in classroom instruction effectively
  7. To promote good work habits such as punctuality, wearing of school uniform and doing homework
  8. To apply the core values of honesty, compassion, respect, pride and commitment
  9. To promote, model and encourage good behaviour and character, leadership, problem solving and a sense of social responsibility

As we can see, the statement addresses ideals, core organizing values, long term objectives and the direction a schoolt wants the students to take to achieve success.

On reflection, every school wants academic success for their students, to develop moral fibre and to become a good citizen of the community.

Education, after all, is a shared responsibility of school, student, parenting and the community to equip a student with skills, knowledge and attitude.

Ultimately, every parent, child and school share (or should share) the same vision mission and purpose but it remains up to the student to be conscientious in pursuit of the fulfilment of their goals.



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