Folklore, legend, myth, fairy tale and superstition are all examples of what people used to believe in the past.

It was a lack of understanding about the unknown which became the foundation for those beliefs.

Friday the thirteenth, walking under a ladder, seeing a black cat,  breaking a mirror and crossing on a staircase are examples of such superstitious beliefs which still exist today.

Until science proved otherwise, people believed that the earth was round and the centre of the universe, that the stars were the dome of heaven, and that a rainbow was a bridge between earth and heaven.

It was often said that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and that the moon was a ball of cheese.

Supernatural causes were believed to be the cause for a drought or a flood, a transferable germ disease and the birth of a stillborn child,

It was believed that disease, ill health and  weather patterns were events brought about  by angry Gods who could only be appeased through ritual chanting and sacrifice.

It was not understood why people died from an incurable disease such as the plague.

Had people believed that cats were not connected to witchcraft and had they not killed cats as a result for that belief, then the rat population would have been less because there would have been more  cats to hunt and kill them.

Then the plague would not have spread like it did and millions of human beings would not have died from it.

People believed that monsters, dragons, giants, demons and fairies, actually existed.

Fairytale stories were told to children about the forbidden forest, sea and mountains.

A desire for fate and fortune determined what people believed in pursuit of a yield of harvest, a baby to be conceived, an illness to be cured, a love to be found, a path in life to be taken.

From illness to dreams, from the weather to the stars, sun and the moon, from magic, ghosts and supernatural forces in general to understanding all life forms on planet earth, we as humans instinctively believe based on our surroundings, our culture, our level of education and knowledge.

Today, we live in an educated world of discovery and endless exploration and we are somewhat dismissive of anything which cannot be scientifically explained.

Medical science has been sceptically received through the window of alchemy but religious prayer and superstition are still believed to be the real cure for ailments and illness.

Odd perhaps then that despite the devotion of religious faith and in the face of scientific knowledge,, people continue to believe today in reincarnation, unidentified flying objects, contact with the dead, prophecy, healing and telepathy.

The modern belief in ghosts, bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster is almost uncanny.

People want to know about the past as well as the future and they turn to horoscopes and psychics in search of answers.

Spiritual orientation and blind faith dictate what we want to believe.

Yesterdays beliefs are still the beliefs of today and will probably still be the beliefs of tomorrow.


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