I can see a rainbow in the sky.  It is dazzling and very beautiful.

A rainbow is a fascinating colorful arch and a meteorological phenomenon for sure.

I guess that’s why it’s called a rainbow.

A bow or arch of colors in the sky caused by a combination of sunlight and rain.


I can only see a rainbow when the sun starts to shine through the clouds.

To see the rainbow at all, I must stand with the sun behind me and look at rain in a different part of the sky.

A rainbow is symbolic for hope and a brighter future.

It is certainly an accurate sign that rainfall is ending.

Ancient people believed that the rainbow was a bridge between earth and heaven.

Irish people believed it was a sign of enrichment and a pot of gold lay at the end of the rainbow.

It has become a popular modern saying.

But then the rainbow is the ultimate impossible dream because it is no more than an optical illusion caused by water droplets and is not an object or place at all.

A rainbow can be caused not just by rain but by mist, spray and airborne dew and quite spectacularly at a waterfall or a fountain.

According to the great English scientist Isaac Newton, there are seven colours in a rainbow.

They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

He based his observation and theory from Greek philosophy to connect the colours to musical notes, the solar system and the seven days of the week.

South Africa is often called the ‘rainbow nation’ because of the beliefs of its native people.  Its flag has six of the colors of the rainbow..

That is all you need to know.  Somewhere over the rainbow, there is a horizon.

The sight of a rainbow is glorious to behold.


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