This is a simple lesson aimed at elementary school students who are learning English.

The topic is the Taste of Food.

Let’s enjoy the taste of food.

I like eating food.  I like tasty food.

I taste food on the tip of my tongue.

I have many tastebuds on my tongue.

Tastebuds help me decide if I can eat the food or not.

Food tastes sweet.  Food tastes sour.

Food tastes salty or bitter.  Even spicy.

All right, I’m just a kid and I like sweet stuff a lot.

Honey, ice cream, cookies, chocolate and cake.

All so yummy for my tummy.

Keep in mind – No added sugar!

I like salty food such as french fries, pretzels and pop corn.

I like the taste of most fruit and vegetables.

Some food is yucky though and I don’t like to eat it.

Be careful.  Some food is also poisonous.

If you eat it, you can get sick or even die.

So always eat healthy food.

It’s delicious and nutritious.



Remember to practice reading, writing and speaking the sentences to improve fluency.


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