This is an English language lesson to compare the differences between a Whale and a Shark.

To make comparison, the words ‘whereas’, ‘however’ and ‘but’ are used.

A whale is a mammal, whereas a shark is a fish.

A whale grows some hair, whereas a shark grows none at all.

Whereas sharks lay eggs for their off-spring, Whales do not.

Whale calves are fed milk, whereas are not.

The young of whales are raised but the young of sharks are, however, not.

It is a fact that whales are larger and weigh more than sharks.

Whales have bones but sharks do not.

Sharks hunt for their food but whales, however, do not.

Sharks might eat other sharks but whales do not usually eat other whales.

Whales produce sound such as clicks and whistles, whereas sharks do not.

Whales are known to sleep, whereas sharks do not.

Whales are considered friendly, whereas sharks are not.

Whales are not known to attack humans in the wild, whereas sharks often do.

Whales have adapted to captivity but sharks have not.

Whereas sharks migrate, sharks do not.

Whereas whales are endangered, sharks are not.




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