We know the flavour of food comes from taste as well as smell, texture and coolness.

We know taste from hundreds of tiny tastebuds on the tip of the tongue in the mouth.

There are four different types of tastebud.

They are sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

Tastebuds help me decide what I would like to eat.

Of course, I should only eat food which is healthy and nutritious.

Somehow, I just know if the food is uncooked, unripe, spoiled, rotten or just inedible.

If I ate toxic or poisonous food, I will get sick and I could even die.

I like food which is yummy for my tummy and delicious.

But I don’t like food which tastes unpleasant or yucky.

After all, we all like to eat food which is tasty, delicious and satisfying – don’t we?

I don’t really like eating vegetables.  Many kids are just the same as me I think.

I guess it’s because ‘greens’ do not look good and because we believe most vegetables are either too sweet or too bitter.

I think it’s also because I crave food which is sweet and full of protein and carbohydrates rather than vegetables which contain those essential vitamins and minerals.

I could make a whole list of sour foods I don’t like but top of the list would have to be grapefruit, apricot, dried dates and durian.    I hate them!

There is something about salty foodstuffs such as french fries, potato chips and pop corn which always attracts me to eat them a lot.

So what happened to healthy eating?

Hey, I’m just a kid.  And what kid does not like ‘Sweeties’?  Add to that biscuits, cookies, brownies, ice cream, chocolate, cake, dough-nuts.

This kid has a sweet tooth!

All right!  So let’s get real.  No added sugar and No food Additives.  Just as the doctor ordered but somehow that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Okay, I am all for adding a bit of extra flavour to the food to savour the taste.


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