This is a simple English language lesson aimed at elementary and junior high school students for speaking and writing practice.

The topic is Eating Out at a restaurant

This is a simple English language lesson aimed at elementary and junior high school students for speaking and writing practice.

The topic is Eating Out at a restaurant.

This is the narrative of the lesson.

Come on.  Let’s go and eat some food at a restaurant.

All right.  Why not?  I’m really hungry. I like eating out a lot.

My favourite restaurant is Peters Piece of Perfect Pizza Parlour.

We arrive to the restaurant at seven o’clock in the evening.

We sit at a table for four people in the corner near the window.

The restaurant is very busy.  The waitress gives us the menu.

We each order a starter, a main course dinner and a dessert plus a drink.

The food is delicious and we are soon full from eating so much.

Finally, it’s time to pay the bill, leave a tip for the waitress and go home.

What a lovely evening!


This lesson is very useful for practicing nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and everyday expressions.

If you print this lesson, I suggest color coding the words like this:

Nouns              Blue

Verbs               Green

Adverbs          Red

Adjectives       Orange

Prepositions     Yellow

Expressions     Purple



The nouns are:

Food                Restaurant                   Seven o’clock

Evening           Table                           People

Corner             Window                      Waitresss

Menu               Starter                         Dinner

Dessert                        Drink                           Time

Bill                  Tip                               Home


The nouns Food, Restaurant, Evening and Waitress are repeated more than once.

The following expressions are NOUN PHRASES in the narrative.  (A noun can be more than one word)

Peter’s Piece of Perfect Pizza Parlour (this is also a Tongue Twister and a Tautogram where all the main words belong with the same letter)

Seven o’clock

Main Course dinner



The following adjectives appear in the narrative:

Four                 Lovely             Favourite

Busy                Full                  Delicious                     Hungry



Only one adverb is used in the narrative and that is ‘Finally’



The following words are used as modifyers in the narrative:

Some               Really              Very

Each                So                    Much


The verbs used in the narrative are:

Come on (phrasal verb)

Sit at (phrasal verb)

Go                   Eat                   Like

Arrive              Is/Are              Gives

Order               Pay                  Leave



Come on                      Let’s go                       Why not?

All right                       A lot                            What a lovely evening!




The word ‘plus’ can be replaced with ‘as well as’ or ‘and also’

PARLOUR – this is an old english word to refer to an area of a kitchen and is used in modern English to refer to a place where a food related activity takes.

A restaurant can, therefore, also be called a parlour.

Example:         Ice Cream Parlour, Beauty Parlour, Massage Parlour, Pizza Parlour



It is very important to identify and recognize nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and prepositions.

There are many prepositions used in this narrative and I have left it up to the student to identify them.

Practice the lesson for copy-writing, memorising and speaking.

Learn the vocabulary well and achieve fluency in speaking with regular practice.



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