A man often gets asked to identify with or describe his ideal woman.

It is impossible, of course, to totally generalize about the characteristics of anyone but this is my own perception of what an ideal woman looks like.

Basically, the ideal woman falls into five sterotypes.

The first ideal woman to identify with is the Mother-type.

A man will often seek out a woman as a partner who bears resemblance in physical appearance, mannerism or outlook on life to his own mother.

In the mother-type, a man is looking for dependency and a possessive trait towards taking care of a family which he recognizes from his own upbringing.

Second in the stereotype for an ideal woman comes the Career Woman.

This is the woman who is a dedicated professional and is best suited to a man who is of like mind and intellect.

It does not mean that the career woman does not make a good mother, homemaker and wife but her very persona as a working woman challenges the concept that a man should want or have a ‘stay at home partner’

I am putting the Beautiful Model in as the third choice of the ideal woman.

Every man desires a relationship with a stunning, beautiful woman who turns heads wherever she goes.  She is the girl pursued at school and gets the most dates.

This woman, however, leads to insecurity inside the mans mind as he struggles to have total trust and belief in his partner.

The man might be overpossessive and unnecessarily suspicious of what she is doing and who she is with and she also tends to be quite materialistic.

The beautiful model is very much the dream ideal woman but she seems to represent a challenge which befalls the ordinary man.

Fourth on the list I place the Party Girl, the girl who is the social animal and likes to go out pubbing and clubbing, enjoying attention and parties to the fullest.  She may not be stunning but for different reasons she may be every bit as materialistic and challenging within a relationship to a man as the Beautiful Model.

A man is surely least comfortable with a woman who does not display the homemaking attributes sought in settling down within a relationship and looking after a woman.

A man, after all, seeks a woman as a partner who can be loving and tender as a wife, motherly in looking after a children, a homemaker as well as a social equal in recreational activities and event hosting such as a dinner party.

Last but not least there is Miss Sweetness, the kind of woman who displays qualities of caring, tenderness, sensuality which warms the heart of every man.

She wins the heart of a man with a simple smile, a tender touch, the way she acts and interacts with others.  She is the little girl a man would date if he was still at school but although she shows signs of weakness, that translates as a positive and a man feels attracted to her and wants to take care of her within a relationship.

There is probably a ‘little sweet girl’ in the other ideal woman types but the characteristic is not a major feature.

‘Miss Sweetness’ type is singularly different because she is not outstanding but nevertheless possesses qualities which make her the ideal woman for many men, regardless of looks and physical appearance.

So in summary we have five stereotypes of the ideal woman for a man.

The Mother type, the career woman, the beautiful model, the party girl and the sweet little girl.

Who is your ideal woman?




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