This is an English language lesson taking a look at the details of a visa applicant.

The connected lessons are:

  1. The Visa Application
  2. Types of Visas
  3. The Visa Applicant (this lesson)
  4. The Visa Interview – Anticipate the Questions
  5. Approval or Rejection of the Visa

Antonio is a foreign national who wants to make a ten day holiday to England next year.  He needs to obtain a Visa from the British Embassy.

Antonio is twenty years old.  He is still living at home with his parents.  He is single, not in a relationship with anyone and is jobless.  He is a committed muslim but dresses conservatively.  He is straight (sexually) and is in the second year of study at a local University where he studies Media and Public Relations.

He is a person of good health and has no criminal convictions.

He wants to visit England for a holiday.  He watches a lot of English football on television and Hollywood movies at the cinema.

He has a lot of international friends on social media and he has plans to meet one or two of them when he is in England.

He has been attending a language-course in his home country twice a week to bolster his English.

He does not know too much about England except there are two rival football teams in Manchester and Liverpool, that London is the capital city, Pound Sterling is the monetary currency and Queen Elizabeth lives in a  big palace.

He is jobless and has never done a paid job.

His only trip out of Indonesia was to Singapore on a school trip for three days three years ago.

He holds a valid passport which will expire in nine months time.

He proposes to travel alone and visit England for ten days staying in cheap guest houses and/or dormitory accommodation.

Antonio will finance the trip through financial assistance from his parents.  His Father is a doctor and his Mother a schoolteacher.

He has enquired about the cost of a return flight and a first night at a guest house in London but nothing is confirmed.

He has, however, bought a guidebook, downloaded other useful travel-related material and announced on social media he is definitely going to England for a holiday.

Antonio must now prepare for and anticipate the eight questions he will be asked at the visa interview.



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