A restaurant is a place where I go to eat out.

It serves food for lunch and dinner.

It is usually necessary to book a table in advance, especially on a Saturday evening.

I like eating a variety of different ethnic food but my favourite ones are mexican, indian and chinese.

This evening, we are eating at a chinese restaurant.  It was my daughter’s choice, in fact, to celebrate her success in passing the driving test yesterday.

I make a reservation to book a table for four people for half past seven.

We arrive on time for our reservation which is confirmed by the receptionist.

We are reminded, if we did not already know, that the restaurant is strictly non-smoking and that cellphones should be turned to silent to avoid inconvenience and annoyance to other diners.

We are then politely shown to our table which is located in the quietest corner near the window.

The table is decorated with a white tablecloth and neatly laid out with cutlery and napkins.

We are left alone for a few minutes to consider the menu.

The restaurant is already pretty busy with almost all the thirty tables occupied on two levels.

The waitress comes over and takes the order.

This restaurant is mod-con.  The waitress records the order on an electronic device which is transmitted directly to the kitchen.

All very impressive.

We order a starter, main course and dessert plus a drink.

The drinks arrive first followed by the starter soon afterwards.

This is a restaurant which values customer service.

An example is serving the four main courses for my family at the same time and piping hot.

There is nothing worse in a restaurant than one person having to wait for their main course to be served while the others have got theirs.

Not so here!

We are all well-stuffed after finishing the main course but there is still room for dessert.

Lots of pudding and cake proves irresistable!

Finally, it is time to draw a very pleasant and enjoyable evening to a close.

Our waitress presents us with the bill and we leave her a generous cash tip on the table.

We then stroll over to the cashier to settle the bill.

The restaurant manager is on hand to check that we are satisfied with our food and service and asks us to complete a customer feedback questionaire.

This is not our first visit to this particular restaurant and it will certainly not be our last.

The manager hands to us a voucher for a twenty per-cent discount off the order for our next visit.

Excellent customer service!

A satisfying evening all round.





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