This is the first English language lesson in the Restaurant series and occurs between the customer and a member of staff of the restaurant.

C is for Customer and S for a member of staff of the restaurant.

The lessons in the series are:

  1. Telephone reservation for a Table (this lesson)
  2. Arriving to the restaurant
  3. Placing a food order
  4. Paying the bill
  5. Feedback to the restaurant
  6. Describe a Restaurant
  7. Complaint to a Restaurant


S                      Good afternoon, Perfect Pizza Parlour, how may I help you?

C                     Yes, good afternoon.  I’d like to make a table reservation for tomorrow evening please.

S                      Certainly Sir.  What time would you like to reserve?

  1. Seven o’clock please.

S                      We’re fully booked at that time sir but I can offer you eight o’clock.

  1. That would be fine.

S                      How many people is it for?

C                     It’s for four people

S                      All right.  Perfect.  May I know your name Sir?

C                     Yes of course.  It’s Mr. John Daniels

  1. And your telephone number?

C                     It’s zero eight one two – two three two three – five five zero nine

S                      I repeat – zero eight one two – two three two three – five five zero nine

C                     That”s correct

S                      I confirm a table is reserved at 8pm tomorrow Saturday evening for four people in the name of Mr. John Daniels

C                     Thank you very much

S                      You’re very welcome Sir.  See you and your companions tomorrow evening.

C                     Yes indeed.


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