This is a conversation between a customer and the restaurant manager as the customer and his three companions arrive at the restaurant.

It is a busy Saturday evening.  The man, Mr. John Daniels, made a telephone reservation to the restaurant yesterday afternoon.

In the dialogue, C is for Customer and M for the restaurant manager.


M                     Good evening Sir, do you have a reservation?

C                     Yes I do.  I telephoned to make it yesterday afternoon.

M                     What’s your name?

C                     Daniels.  John Daniels.

M                     For four people.  Eight o’clock.  Yes got it.

  1. Great. We’re a little early.

M                     That’s ok.  No problem Sir.  Allow my assistant to take your coats

C                     Yes.  That’s very helpful.

M                     You are Table 11 over in the corner there next to rhe window. They are just  preparing the table for you now.  It will be in a few minutes.

C                     That’s wonderful, thank you.

M                     Please take a seat in our waiting area.  The waiter will bring you the menu shortly

C                     Great.

M                     Can I get you anything at the moment while you’re waiting?

C                     No thank you.  We’re fine.

M                     As you wish Sir/

C                     Can you tell me where the toilets are please?

M                     Yes of course.  If you follow in that direction, you will see a sign which directs you to the toilets for ladies and gents

C                     Thank you very much

M                     I hope you will enjoy your visit to our restaurant this evening and have a great meal.

C                     Thank you for your help so far.



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