This is an English language lesson about The Food We Need to Eat  and will link to the other lessons which I have so far written called:

The Simple Truth About Dieting

The Food Journey Inside Our Body

The Eating Window

It is often said that we are what we eat.

We need to regularly eat in order to give our body energy for life.

Eating and Drinking are a human necessity and should be enjoyable, healthy and affordable.

A staple diet is important to achieve this but no single food contains all the nutritients we need.

There are, in fact, five main nutritients which our body needs.

They are carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.

They each play a very separate and important role in the functionality of the human body.

We have an understanding of where food comes from, the eating window we need in order to consume the food, the essence of weight control to manage what we eat and also about the digestion of food inside the body once it has been consumed.

It is somehow odd that we do not always have the same understanding about the food we actually need to eat in this process.

We choose what we eat by what it looks like in terms of shape and colour as well as taste, price, packaging, availability and the time it may take to actually prepare and cook it.

We believe that society judges us on how we look rather than how we actually perform.

The food we eat shapes the way we physically look, so there is a degree of truth in the statement that we are what we eat.

Believe it at your peril!

Food feeds an appetite stimulated by hunger as well as keeping up immunity against infection from outside agents.

Our body needs a lot of fluid to protect us against dehydration while flushing out bad toxins and transporting nutritients to blood cells.

Not only water but fruit juices, soups, vegetables, gravy and sauces fulfil this basic need.

Carbohydrates such as fruit, bread, cereals, rice, potatoes and spaghetti are a very important source of energy to the body.

We needs fats too from butter, cooking oil, meat, cheese and cream for energy and insulation.

Protein found in eggs, meat, fish, lentils and nuts helps to build up cells to make blood and also replaces and repairs tissues.

We know that minerals are important in the food we need to eat, especially calcium and iron.

Calcium as in milk for young children is needed for stronger bones, development of teeth and muscle movement.

Iron has a key role to play for blood to carry oxygen.

Simply explained, the food we need to eat should contain all the five nutritients but the reality is that the food we eat is not always the food we need to eat with consequences for the human race becoming overweight and obese.

Commercial enterprise competes for our palate and the temptation of processed, ready-made food cannot be resisted at cheaper cost to natural or organic produce at a higher price on the next shelf.

It is, of course, hard to resist the occasional ice cream, cream scone, slice of birthday cake, bar of chocolate or pint of beer at the pub, let alone a fast food hamburger.

None of what I mention will singularly ring the death knoll on our longevity.

Selective eating, physical exercise and adequate sleep are certainly three additional factors which play their own part in the food we need to eat to achieve and then maintain healthy living.



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