It is amazing how many people still believe that Easter has anything to do with Jesus in the twenty first century.

Easter is a German tradition which started during the Lutheran reformation of the seventeenth century to welcome the coming of Spring and the fertility of new life.

It is symbolized by the rabbit who buries his eggs underground and is the very essence of life itself.

Lutherans were christian folk of the protestant faith who did not uphold the oppressive code of the catholic church dictated from Rome.

They developed their Easter tradition from an old pagan concept and fashioned an egg-hunt at the sight of the first new moon for Spring.

Hard-boiled, colorfully decorated eggs were buried in obvious places around the home and garden by parents for their children to find.

It is a tradition which has carried on to the present day and become universal.

Although Lutherans were devout in their own interpretation of the christian faith, the Easter-egg hunt has probably nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity at all.

John Cadbury would have you believe that a filling a chocolate Easter egg in the form of a ‘bunny’ with confectionery (supposedly to depict new life) represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion.

A cosmopolitan, open-minded world is more likely to trust truth more sourced from education and the application of logical reasoning than pure intuition and belief indoctrinated from ancient manuscripts.



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