Last year I went on holiday to Bali.

I flew from Jakarta to Denpasar with my family.  It was a one hour flight.

We stayed in a four-star Hotel which was next to the beach in Sanur and only twenty minutes more or less from the airport.

We were in Bali for a week.

Event though I am Indonesian, this was my first-ever visit to Bali.

I enjoyed the holiday very much indeed.

I went sightseeing to interesting places, swam in the ocean and played on the beach.

I tried lots of Balinese cuisine which was really quite delicious.

I took loads of photos and bought souvenirs for friends and family back home.

The holiday was a great opportunity for me to practice my English with a variety of people from different cultures.

I made some new friends from Indonesia, Greece, Germany and Japan with whom I plan to keep in touch.

If you did not know, Bali is an Indonesian island to the east of Java.

It certainly is the tropical paradise people have frequently described and which tempted my family for our first-ever Balinese vacation.

The weather was always hot and mostly sunny but there were a couple of thunderstorms in the late afternoon which caused us to change our plans a little and leave the water park early.

I have lasting memories of Hindhu temples, early evening sunsets and the beautiful women who artistically danced at the many entertainments put on for tourists.

The whole holiday was a memorable experience and I would love to return to Bali sometime soon.


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