This is an English language lesson aimed to provide the basic information about the sources of energy for a science lesson in English.

So what are the options?

  1. FOSSIL FUELS. Coal, Oil and natural gas come from organic matter of plants and animals decayed in the earth over millions of years.  There are limited reserves and their depletion has led to heavy destruction and environmental polution.
  2. ELECTRICITY – it is not a primary source of energy but converted from other sources of energy to create power
  3. SOLAR – Direct from the sun using collector panels
  4. WIND – large turbines used to produce electricity
  5. GEOTHERMAL – sourced from beneath the earth such as hot springs, excellent for bathing and space heating
  6. HYDROGEN – works with water and used by ships, vehicles, industry and rockets
  7. TIDAL – uses the rise and fall of tides from the ocean to convert kinetic energy into electricity
  8. WAVE – using ocean waves and reduces dependence on fuel yet is considered negative to the marine eco-system
  9. HYDROELECTRIC – huge Dams created to power water for electricity.
  10. BIOMASS – produced from organic material such as crops, plants, trees, yard clippings, wood chips and animal waste
  11. NUCLEAR – sourced from uranium and created through a specific nuclear reaction, nergy collected by using a power generator

The world today uses both natural gas and electricity as main resources of energy.

There is an excessive release of carbon dioxide emission into the earth’s atmosphere which increases the so-called global warming effect.

Sooner or later, the fossil fuel resource will run out and alternative energy sources will have to be used for cooking, heating, lighting, manufacture and transportation

Traditional methods of solar, wind and water must be fully utilized with other types of renewable energy to create the amount of energy needed to meet the requirements of everyone and everything living on the planet.


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