The Easter Egg is a tradition which has been around for many centuries.

The tradition probably started with the protestant Lutherans in Germany during the sixteenth century.

If it was the Germans who gave us the word for Easter, Eostra, then it was the English who gave us the word ‘Bunny’ for rabbit and American Walt Disney who created ‘Bugs Bunny’ as a cartoon animation.

Easter comes on the first full moon of spring and after the forty days of Lent when christians fast.

Christians like to associate the egg with the empty tomb of Jesus when he was supposedly resurrected following his crucifixion on Good Friday. The egg takes the form of an empty shell and is later filled with wonderful confectionary to represent new life.

At the end of Lent, children can indulge in an egg-hunt planned by their parents.

Colourfully decorated eggs are hidden in places around the garden and the home such as the microwave, on top of the toilet, behind a closet door, with the toothbrushes, inside a shoe, anywhere where it might be quite easy for a child to find the egg.

This has a lot to do also with the rabbit and its habit to bury its eggs below ground depicting fertility and new life.

Chocolate Easter eggs in the shape of a ‘bunny rabbit’ has certainly become a modern trend.

The chocolate easter egg itself owes a lot to John Cadbury and his Bournville chocolate factory.

They used the newly invented cocoa press to good effect in 1866 which separated cocoa butter from the cocoa bean and introduced the first milk chocolate easter egg in 1905.

The chocolate Easter Egg is certainly a global phenomena and an indulgence for childrens and adults like.



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