The topic today is Looking up at the Sky.

When I look up at the sky, I see another world.

By day, I see a world of light blue heaven with a mix of silvery white clouds interspersed with a great yellow ball of fire we call the sun.

By night, it becomes a world of planets, satelites and twinkling stars.

Heaven is up there somewhere.

I see birds of nature winging their way across the panorama.

I see man-made birds of flight such as the aeroplane and the helicopter.

I watch a sunrise at the dawn of a morning and a sunset at the end of a day.

I watch fireworks sparkle into the sky on a night of celebration.

Strikingly, I see fork lightning light up the sky during a thunderstorm.

Keep looking up with the aid of a telescope and you will see shooting stars, meteorites and alien spaceships on their mission to take over the earth while rockets are launched by mankind to discover the universe

I watch the occasional eclipse of the sun and the moon and I observe the constellation of stars which my science teacher had told me about long ago at school.

How could it be that such a constellation could be viewed to reveal the character of an unborn child or serve as a forecast for the yield of a farming harvest?

A red sky at night is considered a shepherds delight that there will be fine weather the next day. A red sky in the morning is, however, a shepherds weather warning.

One of the great delights in the sky is the multi-coloured rainbow in the shape of an arc which reveals itself in all its glory after the end of a storm in a phenomena of sunlight and rain.

I know never to look up at a full moon, otherwise a fate may become of me as a werewolf, pumpkin or a lunatic. I always thought a lunatic was someone who looked at the moon anyway, by latin definition.

In Mongolia, in the Gobi Desert, a place they call the ‘land of the eternal sky’, they say it is possible to touch the sky.

To take the words out of a very popular song, I believe I can fly and I believe I can also touch the sky.

That is how I see the sky when I look up.


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