The topic today is to Talking about the Identity Card..

It is very important for everybody to have an identity card so that people know who we are.

The most important things about an identity card are that it states my full name, date of birth, my address and there is a head and shoulders photo displayed on the front.

Most identity cards nowadays are electronic and digitally produced, so they are a shiny piece of plastic and not like the flimsy paper card of yesteryear.

There are many different types of identity cards and many reasons why we need them.

Our parents register our birth when we are born and a birth certificate is issued but that is not an identity card; it is merely a public record of our birth and existence.

Let me tell you about some of the identity cards which I have.

My parents used my Birth Certificate to get me a Passport.  A passport is an identity document which allows me to travel overseas to another country besides my own and is valid for ten years.

I like books and I am a member at my local public library.  Even a kid like me must be a registered members card in order to borrow books and use the library facilities.

I attend state school and it is a requirement that every student has a school-produced identity card.  It is worn as a badge on the upper clothing and helps the forgetful teacher to remember the students names.

As a family, we have joint membership at the local Sports Club.  Even so, every family member must have an identity card issued by the Club and it must be produced on every visit.

My Mother swears that the loyalty card which she regularly uses at the supermarket while shopping in order to get air miles in the hope of one day getting a free flight is a kind of identity card because it has her name and photo on it.

I do have an identity card like that for when I go online to play computer games online but it is an electronic or virtual card and I must connect with a username and password.This kind of internet access must always be authorised and  monitored by the parent.

One day, when I am old enough, I will apply for a Driving Licence so that I can drive a car.  A Driving Licence is another important of identity and takes the form in many countries as a paper document plus an electronic card.

For adults, I know that the identity card plays an important role in dealing with financial matters at the Bank, buying a house, arranging insurance, travelling and  driving a car.

It is lucky that my Uncle bought me a a wallet as a birthday present so that I can keep all my identity cards together in one place tidily and carefully.


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