The topic today is Looking after a Pet..
I am definitely an animal lover and I enjoy keeping a pet at home.
I have many different pets at home.
I have a dog and two cats. I have an aquarium full of tropical fish and an outdoor fish pond full of Japanese Koi and goldfish. Frogs are not my pets but they pay an occasional visit to the pond and I do not mind.
I also keep a rabbit and a couple of birds.
I am very interested in living creatures. One day I might decide to become a vet. That’s short for veterinary surgeon or animal doctor if you prefer.
Looking after the pets is one of my hobbies and it takes quite a bit of time in-between doing my homework and having a social life.
We are lucky as a family because we live in quite a big house near the countryside and there is a lot of space for my pets to enjoy.
People say that cats and dogs always fight and cats always chase the bird but in my world, that does not happen and my pets live together in perfect harmony.
I guess it also helps I like studying science, botany, biology and chemistry at school as well as geography, so this provides a foundation for my dedication to look after so many pets..
Pets, I think, offer a great opportunity to get close to nature and become caring about all living things, animals as well as humans, plants and flowers.
Looking after a pet is a wonderful experience and I would not swap it for the world.


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