The topic today is to Describe a Dog.
I have a pet. It’s a dog. I call my dog Benny.
Benny is three years old now.
I got Benny when he was just a puppy.
My mother knew about a litter being born nearby and bought one for me.
I went with my mother to choose Benny from the litter.
Benny is a labrador and a pedigree. I have a certificate to prove it.
My Mother chose a labrador because she has a job working with people who are blind and she could see how labradors are great dogs for people with difficult circumstances as well as making great family pets with children,
I make regular visits with Benny to the Vet to keep up with his innoculations.
Labradors are intelligent, caring dogs who were first introduced to Europe from the Labrador region of Canada over a hundred years ago.
They are actually retriever gun-dogs, my Mother says, and they can be coloured cream, chocolate brown or black. Benny is cream and he has grown very quickly since he was a puppy.
Now, he weighs about 30kg and stands about 50cm in height.
Benny wears a red collar around his neck with his name written on it and an attached bell.
Dogs like to go ‘walkies’ and it is my job, even in the most inclement of weathers, to take Benny for a walk in the morning before school and later in the afternoon or evening.
Benny sleeps in a big round basket located in the purpose-built kennel (built by my father and I) which has an old cushion for his comfort adapted from an old sofa which has long been discarded.
Benny is allowed to come inside the house during the day and he is very much part of the family. He is too big to sit on my lap but he lies down on the mat in front of the sofa and even has his favourite television programmes and selection of music.
He often comes with us in the car where he has his own exclusive ‘back space’ but of course, he is not allowed inside public buildings like school, hospital, library, bank or restaurant.
At least a couple of times each week, I take Benny to the local public park where I can release him from his leash and he can run and exercise with total freedom.
He loves to meet up with other dogs and frollick around but he never causes any trouble and is well trained and obedient.
Whenever I take Benny out, I take a ‘Pooper Scooper’ because it is a violation of the law to leave dog droppings in public places.
One of the things I like doing is giving Benny a dog bath with lots of shampoo. He absolutely loves it and wags his tail wildly when he knows I am preparing for it.
Like all dogs, Benny likes treats. Things like a meatbone, biscuits or special stuff I can pick up from the pet shop.
I am very proud of Benny and I like to show him off whenever I can. I put pictures of them on my social media webpages and one special picture of him is displayed as a screensaver on my smartphone.
Once a year, I show him off at the regional annual Dog Show which is filmed and shown on local television. Benny has cult celebrity status.
A dog is regarded by many as a mans best friend and for me that is certainly true. I dread the day when we must part and he enters the canine world equivalent of heaven but that is still a long way off yet.
Benny undoubtedly brings a lot of fun, joy and happiness to my life and that of my family.


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