The topic today is to Describe a Library..

I would not describe myself as a bookworm but I like books.  I like reading and collecting them and I am a member of the public library in my town.

I have been a member of that library ever since my parents signed me up as a kid.

The library is a depository of thousands of books which are all displayed on accessible shelves in a variety of specialised categories and sub-categories.

Fiction and Non-Fiction.  Biography.  Children.  History and Geography.  Travel and Tourism.  Engineering and Science.  Religion.  Sport.  Etc.

The books I keep on the bookshelves in the bedroom of my home are a sort of library, although they are not kept in any particular order.

School books, Travel Books, Instruction Books, Sporting books, Comic Book annuals, Cookery Books, Novels.  Even my old nursery rhyme books.

My father is a lot more meticulous and keeps a grand collection of books in the spacious Study which have been passed down through family generations, are left-overs from his University days or he snapped up at a Book fair.

The public library is open everyday between ten o-clock in the morning and five  in the afternoon.  It is, however,  closed on Sundays and an hour earlier on Saturdays.

It is free to enter the library but to borrow books, you must produce your membership card and the books you borrow are stamped with an expiry date by which they must be returned, otherwise you may face paying a small fine or risk your membership being suspended.

Not all books can be borrowed.  There is a separate Reference Library where the books there can only be browsed.

Nowadays, a library is much more than a vast collection of books, modern and old archive material. It also extends  to electronic, digital data via the internet and microfilm, e-books, audio books, cds, dvds and cassettes.

There are books in braille for the blind and in many different languages.

A library offers the opportunity to chill out at a break time to read newspapers, periodicals, magazines in relative peace and it provides the necessary environment for focus and concentration to study

The library is housed on three floors in a grey rather austere victorian building in the centre of the town sandwiched between a betting shop and a discount clothes retail store.

I understand it became a library when a new law was passed in Great Britain in 1850 to make information and literature available to the general public.

Prior to that, books had only been available for browsing in private collection and academic libraries and the English people were largely illiterate.  Public libraries changed that forever.

Many librarians work at the library. They are expert in literature and extremely helpful in directing you to the the books you are looking for, otherwise it would take an age to find it through the maze of aisles and book-shelves.

The essence of a library in the modern era is as much a community organization as it is a source to enrich our knowledge.

It is the heart of a community and it presents an opportunity to study and learn like no other.




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