This is an English language lesson aimed at students who are learning English as a second language.

This lesson can be adapted for elementary, junior high or senior high school students.

In fact, the format can be used for a speaking or writing IELTS or TOEFL Test by older students.

The topic today is to Describe and Talk about your School.

This is the Lesson.

I attend a Government school in my town.  It is about ten kilometres away from my house.

Although the School is a State school, it is run by a Foundation Committee headed by parents and community members who are influential in the appointment if Principal, Headmaster, Deputy and of course the teachers. .

Many other personnel work for the school.  There are security officers who patrol the site as well as janitors and caretakers who take care of the maintenance of the building and drivers hired for the pick-up minibuses to bring students to school.

There are about 450 students attending my school divided into classes of approximately 30 students per class.

This is a Junior School and there are five  classes for each of the three grades of 7 8 and 9.

My school is modern, clean and purpose-built for the needs of the students.  It is conveniently located well run.

As you come to school, there is a vehicle drive-in/out area for parents to drop off and pick up  the students in the morning and afternoon.

On one side there is a parking lot for bicycles and motor-cycles while on the other there ts a separate parking bay for teachers’ cars and school minibuses

Each classroom is well-equipped with tables, chairs and lockers for each student.  Each class has a Home Teacher and a Class Captain elected by the students.

All classes are of mixed-race and religion with an even mix of boys and girls.  The school caters for special needs such as disability and offers a counselling service for problems such as exam-stress and bullying.

My school has an assembly hall, gymnasium for physical education (PE), a canteen, a library, a science and a computer lab plus an outdoor field for sports activities such as football, hockey, athletics and cricket.

There is a teacher room plus intercom and cctv surveillance throughout the building.

School starts at seven o’clock in the morning and usually finishes at three in the afternoon.  Sometimes, there are extra-curricular activities going on after school.

At various times, there are other things in which the student participates such as Open Days, Speech Contest, Inter-school Debate, Field Trips and Funding-Raising Activity plus parent Teacher Meetings.

The School follows the national curriculum of subjects which are taught by a number of different teachers specialised in their field on a rotational basis according to a timetable.

Classes are for forty minute periods.  Most classes are double period, so they last for eighty minutes.

There is a mid-morning break of approximately twenty minutes together with a main break at midday of an hour for lunch and prayer.

The school year is divided into two semester terms and students are tested in an examination of the curriculum subjects as well as evaluated on what they have learnt.

There are school rules which all students must follow.  Students are not allowed to go outside of the school environs during school time without express authority from the Headmaster.

Finally, I should mention that my school has its own website.  Students, teachers and parents play a pro-active role in the material of the website and in delivering the vision and mission of the school.

That is the end of the lesson about my school.


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