This is an English language lesson about the electronic whiteboard.

Gone are those days when teachers wrote with chalk on blackboards and on whiteboards with toxic speedo markers.

Schools across the world, even in developing countries, are moving with the times.

It is the age now of the electronic interactive whiteboard and virtual teaching.

Friends like to call it the IWB and it seems to be the educational tool of every fortunate, progressive teacher.

It comes with a large screen which is visual to all students in a classroom whether big or small.

Without doubt, the electronic whiteboard is clean and atractive with no clean up after use.

It is the perfect educational tool and is also effectively used in distance learning.

It connects to a computer via a digital projector and can be easily operated by touchscreen or stylus pen.  It also works well with peripheral equipment such as a video camera.

The IWB displays everything which would otherwise be in a textbook and can save the teacher a lot of time and effort.

For many, it is the end of the paper-based textbook in the classroom and the old traditional way of doing things.

The real benefit of the electronic whiteboard is group interaction and notes can be taken on board and saved. It is ideal for demonstrations and gets students attention with its vibrancy of colour while catering for a variety of different learning styles.

Many people question whether it actually improves academic achievement of a student and whether the old lecture style of intruction should be totally sacrificed.

There is also a certain view that teachers may be too focused on the new technology itself and overvalue some of the  mundane activities to the detriment of the student’s learning.

Its real plus is its interactive features.

You will see the electronic whiteboard used not only in school classrooms and at business meetings but in sports presentation shows where a presenter can show in analysis where and when a player should have completed certain actions.

Although not all schools can be afforded a budget for the electronic whiteboard, as an educational interactive tool, it is certainly the way to go.


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