This is an English language lesson aimed at all general levels of students who are learning English as a second language.

The lesson topic today is the Present and Past Tense of common verbs

Learning verbs in the present and past tense is a little like learning the multiplication tables in arithmatic.

Once you have learnt them, you never forget.  Or it should be like that.

My aim in this lesson is to list the words side by side and with the continuous to encourage the memorisation of the words.

Think like William Shakespeare and have a brain like a sponge!

Rather than just listing them, you see that I have written sentence examples in present and past tense as well as the continous (or gerund if you prefer that term).

Here is the initial list of the keyword verbs you absolutely must learn.

PRESENT                               PAST                          CONTINUOUS

Be (Is/Are)                           Was/Were                  Being

Do                                           Did                              Doing

Have                                        Had                            Having

Get                                          Got                              Getting

Go                                           Went                           Going

Study                                      Studied                      Studying

Learn                                       Learnt                        Learning

Live                                         Lived                           Living

Give                                        Gave                            Giving

Watch                                      Watched                   Watching

Wash                                       Washed                       Washing

Wait                                        Waited                                    Waiting

Sleep                                       Slept                            Slept

Keep                                        Kept                            Keeping

Eat                                           Ate/Eaten                    Eating

Drink                                       Drank                          Drinking

Think                                       Thought                       Thinking

Buy                                         Bought                                    Buying

See                                          Saw                             Seeing

Read                                        Read                            Reading

Write                                       Wrote                          Writing

Cut                                          Cut                              Cutting

Catch                                       Caught                                    Catching

Sit                                            Sat                               Sitting

Swim                                       Swam                          Swimming

Speak                                      Spoken                        Speaking

Lose                                        Lost                             Losing

Find                                         Found                          Finding

Fine                                         Fined                           Fining

Fly                                           Flew                            Flying



  1. I am young. I was young.
  2. He is here. He was here.
  3. We are hungry. We were hungry.
  4. I have a pet. I had a pet.
  5. I get angry sometimes. I got angry last week.
  6. I go to school. I went to school
  7. I study at school. I studied at school.
  8. I learn English. I learnt English
  9. I read a book. I read a book.
  10. I write a letter. I wrote a letter.
  11. My uncle lives in Australia. My uncle lived in Australia.
  12. I give my old clothes to the charity. I gave my old clothes to charity.
  13. I watch television. I watched television.
  14. I wash my hands. I washed my hands.
  15. I wait for the bus. I waited for the bus.
  16. I sleep in my bed. I slept in my bed.
  17. I keep a pet. I kept a pet.
  18. I eat chocolate. I ate chocolate.
  19. I drink tea. I drank a cup of tea.
  20. I think about you everyday. I thought about you a lot.
  21. I buy many things. I bought many things at the store.
  22. I see a picture on the wall. I saw the picture on the wall.
  23. I cut my finger. I cut the cake.  (it does not change in either tense)
  24. I sit on the chair. I sat on the chair.
  25. I catch the ball. I caught the ball.
  26. I swim in the pool. I swam in the pool.
  27. I speak English everyday. I spoke English today.
  28. I lose the game. I lost the game.
  29. I find the way to go home. I found the way to go home.
  30. I fine you twenty american dollars. I fined you twenty american dollars.
  31. I fly the kite. I flew the kite.

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