This is a piece of poetry which I have written after watching the film ‘The Danish Girl’.

I was unfamiliar about the story of the film before watching it.

I am myself a straight, hetrosexual male with no known or apparent tendences to cross-dress or to change sexual gender and become a woman.

I have every empathy with anyone and everyone who is searching to find their true identity as a human being.

Here is the poem.


Inside every one of us,

There is another living thing

Screaming to get out

And have an identity.


We can be anything we want

If we have the mindset and the will,

Reassured that God will give blessing

And not chide us when one day we enter through those pearly gates.


A person can go a whole lifetime

In denial of who they really are

Until the realisation dawns

That there can be no turning back.


Nobody should feel humiliated or intimidated,

Let alone ashamed of what they have become.

Life is a choice and we should not have any fear

For the uniqueness of our natural existence.

We go to the land of nod at the glow of a bright silvery moon

And become lost in time to a different world .

But at the break of every dawn,

We are energized again in a daily wake.



Our character is but a pesona

If we were another living thing.

But fooled are so many by the misnoma

That hope is the eternal spring.



Oh Lily, you are an inspiration to millions

Who have embarked upon the self-discovery.

True love, devotion and human understanding

Are indefinable players inside every one of us.



Look out at the dawn of the lily

And wonder if there by the grace of God am I.

Look out at the dawn

And wonder.



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