This is a true story about one of the students whom I teach here in Indonesia.

The story unfolds on the twelfth of January twelve years ago in a suburb of Jakarta city.

The mother of my student ‘broke water’ and was being driven hurriedly by her husband to the hospital to make the delivery.

It was their first child.

If the truth be told, the couple had been married for ten years and had not been successful in making a baby until the miraculous conception of this child.

This was no ordinary night and it might not surprise you to learn that the eight kilometre journey to the hospital was not completed.

Or at least not completed in time for the delivery.

There had been a road accident involving multiple vehicles on the main artery which serviced the route from the family home to the hospital.

January is the middle of the rainy season in Indonesia and on that particular night, there was very heavy rain.

It was late into the evening of twelfth of January and the weather got worse.

It turned into a full-blown storm and there was thunder and lightning.

This was one baby which was not destined to be delivered in usual circumstances.

Inevitably, there was a traffic jam and panic was beginning to set in with both the father and the mother of the yet unborn child.

The father left the vehicle for a short while in search of assistance, only to encounter the doctor who was also on his way to the hospital and who was stuck in the traffic jam.

Quite remarkably, and with great sensitivity, the doctor took charge of the situation on the back seat of the two-door family car in the middle of the traffic jam on the highway.

By now, a small crowd of well-wishers had gathered around the motor car in spite of the appalling weather conditions.

It would be a minute before midnight and amidst the very worst of the storm that the baby was born, later to become an immediate celebrity  thanks to the wonders of social media.

A healthy baby girl had been born in the most dramatic and ironic of circumstances.

It was only fitting and appropriate to call this child ‘Stormie’.

That’s the story of ‘One Stormie Night’.  I hope you enjoyed it.


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