This is an English language lesson about the Boarding School.

A boarding school is a place where a student receives food, shelter and education while living away from family.

The basic idea of a boarding school is that the student will receive training for their future life with focus on discipline, character-building, independence and the core values of sincerity, simplicity, solidarity and self-control..

Overall, the discipline in a boarding school is very strict and there are penalties for taking the rules.

A student might be ‘boarded’ almost his or her entire educational life  from five until seventeen years with parents only seeing their child at weekends or in the holidays.

It is not just the power of money which may make this the best possibility for the student but a set of family circumstances or perception of social values which make it necessary or convenient.

Boarding schools are often called Independent or Public Schools where student admission must be paid for.  The level of education is high and perhaps can be compared with that in Grammar Schools with a priority gateway into the best universities.

It has undoubtedly become a modern parenting concern that placing trust, care and control into the hands of a virtual stranger of your child should be considered carefully given revelations in recent films such as ‘Spotlight’ and the paranoia about radicalisation.

Not all boarding schools require payment.  Many are operated based through a charity, foundation or  religious faculty where the focus will be on religious teaching and guidance.

Orphanages would possibly come under the umbrella of a boarding school.  Children without parents can receive free education, food and shelter.

At the other end of te spectrum, there are specialist Academic, Military and Cadet schools for students with genuine potential in a specific field.

Christiano Ronaldo is a case in point of a successful student attending an academy.

Now for many years a famous footballer, Ronaldo left his home and family on the island of Madeira at the age of eleven to be enrolled in a football academy run by the football club Sporting Lisbon in the portugese capital city.

Universities offer boarding too for student accommodation.

Students are accommodated together in a dormitory and in a purpose-built campus.  Facilities would include study cubicles, library, common room for relaxation, refectory and kitchen.

As part of the management process, so Boarding Schools have housemasters and mistresses, dorm parents, prefects, housekeeper, matron and house tutor.

The majority of parents worldwide choose to send their children to state schools because of cost and convenience.

The Boarding School retains its popularity only with those who are able to afford it and who see it as a place to have their children educated in a manner which a state school cannot match.


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