The English Grammar School is an educational institution dating back many centuries.

The school was intended to teach Latin and Greek plus English, natural Science, Maths, History and Geography.

It was aimed at offering opportunity to students who showed exceptional academic ability and potential or who were entitled by social privilege.

None more so than William Shakespeare who attended the Edward VII Grammar School in Stratford upon Avon as a result of his Father becoming Lord Mayor of the town.

The necessary  test was the 11-Plus which was taken by a ten year old child in the last year of Junior School with a view to gaining entry to a higher level of education.

The test was split into four parts.  The first was for Verbal Reasoning, the second for Non-Verbal reasoning, the third for maths and the fourth for English.

The 11-plus Test was originally introduced in 1944 following restructuring of the British educational system but was scrapped in 1969 in favour of a non-selective tier comprehensive school system.

Schooling in England and Wales is free to all children until their nineteenth birthday.

Free state education includes Grammar Schools.

With the change of law, the 11-plus Test was no longer required and many of the Grammar Schools chose to become public fee-paying schools.

There are still 164 Grammar Schools existing in Great Britain today.  Student admission is still based on results to a modernized version of the 11-Plus Test.

Today, Grammar Schools follow the national curriculum just like Comprehensive Schools.

In the three tier system created by the 1944 Law, there are Academy or Trust Schools which specialize in certain specialized subjects for study in addition to those on the national curriculum.

The English Grammar School model has been followed by many countries across the world, notably as an example in Malaysia and Singapore where it is considered that a higher level of education should be available to gifted children from poorer, socially under-privileged backgrounds provided they pass an annual IQ test.

Grammar, Academy and Comprehensive Schools offer in essence free State government education in Great Brtiain for approximately twelve yearly grades of school.

The system should not be confused with Public Schools where parents opt out of the State system and pay privately for the education of their child.




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