The Eleven Plus Test was an intelligence test introduced by the British Government in 1944.

The Test was taken by ten year old children in the final year of Primary School.

The aim was to give opportunity of a higher level of free State education to gifted children from poorer backgrounds.

The Test was split into four parts.

The first was Verbal Reasoning which focused on problem solving such as jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, wordsearches.

The second Test was Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The third was for Maths.

A student would be expected to know Fractions, decimals, metrication, time, averages, algebra and percentages.

Finally, there was a test in English which addressed general literacy for reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Spelling, Punctuation and Comprehension were very much part of the test.

Many see the 11-plus test as a basis for the Toefl and Ielts Proficiency Tests taken today by students of English as a second language.

The Test became unpopular and fell into disuse during the 1960s when the Comprehensive School was established but a remodelled version of the Test is often used by certain Grammar Schools as an entrance test.


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