This is an English language lesson aimed at elementary and junior high school students who are learning English as a second language.

It is intended for reading, writing and speaking practice.

It connects to other lessons which I have written such as ‘the Pencil Case’, ‘the Journey of a Letter’ and ‘One Day in my Life’.

There are several aims with the lesson:

  1. Practice using ‘Have’ and ‘Has’ correctly in simple sentences
  2. Story telling about something in your life
  3. To use both I’m and I am in the story-telling
  4. Use double-meaning of the word ‘Class’ in the story
  5. Show use of ‘mine’ and ‘it’ as pronouns instead of (pencil case – the noun)
  6. Give a student opportunity to read the text and then speak it with fluency
  7. Expand the vocabulary of a student about school essentials
  8. Refer please to the KEYWORD VOCABULARY before reading the narrative.


Schoolbag                   Pencil Case               Pencil Sharpener

Eraser                          Locker                         Lunchbox

Distinctive                   Ruler                           Scissors

Calculator                    Dictionary                  Class

Textbooks                   Email Account           Change of Clothes



The word ‘class’ has two related meanings in the story.

The first is about the student going to school and attending study in class with other students in the classroom.

The second meaning tells us that the student has spirit to study and learn.  The student has character, determination and is smart to do well in class at school.






Sometimes, a pencil talks to you.  It really does.

Mine says ‘A student has class’

Let me tell you something.

I’m smart and I have class.

I have a schoolbag to bring things to school.

Of course, i have a pencil case with pencils, a sharpener and an eraser.

My pencil case is distinctive and I would know it anywhere.

I also have a ruler, small scissors, a calculator and an English dictionary.

At school, I have a classroom, a locker and a wonderful teacher.

I have spirit to study and learn.  I love learning English.

I have a lunchbox and a water bottle.

I have textbooks, a writing book, a homework and prayer book.

I have a change of clothes for sports activity.

Oh yes!  I have an email account for school projects.

You see.  I am smart.  I have class.  I have a plan.  I have a dream.

Thank you everyone for listening to my short presentation.




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