This is a simple English Language lesson about the Question rather than the answer.

The answer to the question is actually not important in this lesson.

The focus is on the question and the different ways to ask it.

Firstly consider whether the question should be:

Who is Steve Jobs wife?   OR  Who was Steve Jobs wife?

Other ways to ask the question are:

Who was Steve Jobs married to?

Who is Steve Jobs married to?

What was the name of Steve Jobs wife?

What is the name of Steve Jobs wife?

Can you name the wife of Steve Jobs?

Who did Steve Jobs marry?


We should know this.

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, was married.

He was an information technology entrepreneur and inventor.

He died in 2011.

He has therefore passed away and is no longer married.

The woman to whom Steve Jobs was married upto the date of his death continues, however,  to still be his wife.

Her status has technically changed from wife to widow.

The marriage remains a legal one until and if Steve Jobs’ wife chooses to re-marry.



The purpose of the lesson is to illustrate whether the question should be asked in the present or past tense, given that Steve Jobs has died.

It is actually irrelevant in this context that Steve Jobs has died.

Asking ‘Who is Steve Jobs wife?’ is more correct than ‘Who was Steve Jobs wife’ because the marriage has not become void or in any way superceded by a future event such as a re-marriage.

In other words, the widow/wife of Steve Jobs is still living and the context of the question is correct in the present tense.

If, however, Steve Jobs wife had predeceased (died before) him, then certainly, the question ‘Who WAS Steve Jobs wife’ would be more correct.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this lesson.  I hope you have found it useful and informative.





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