This is a simple English Language lesson about ‘Class Captain’ aimed at Junior High School students learning English as a second language.

It is intended for reading, writing and speaking practice.

Every school class has a class captain.

He is chosen by the class members to represent them on matters affecting the class and the school.

He may represent the class at the Student Council meetings.

The position of class captain carries respect, responsiveness and responsibility.

Compare it to the captain on a ship or on a football field.

The class captain reports on important matters to the home teacher and also to the school principal.

Other trivial, less important matters such as classroom lighting, cleansliness, tardiness in dress code and general student preparation or readiness become class captain’s responsibility as well to get something done about it by the school janitor, caretaker or other worker.

Furthermore, the class captain might be looked upon as an intermediary in the homework management between student and teacher.

This may make the overall operation of teaching the class and students attending class a whole lot more smoother.

A class captain is different from a prefect insofaras it is a specific set of responsibilities to a class, whereas a prefect takes on responsibilities in a broader way around the environs of the school rather inside the classroom in terms of managing student behaviour under conditions laid down by the school teachers committee.

Having been a class captain will serve any student well if stated on a Curriculum Vitae for College/University admission and future job prospects.

Thank you very much for listening to this presentation.


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