This is a short conversation to practice and illustrate the use of Re-Sign and Resign.

The two words are often confused by English language students.

Let us be clear from the beginning.

Resign means to give up an existing work position.

Re-sign (with the hyphen) means to sign a document a second or subsequent time or take up a position from which you had previously withdrawn or given up.

Enjoy the conversation dialogue!


PRESIDENT             What can I do for you John?

JOHN                          I want to resign Sir

PRESIDENT              What on earth for John?  Don’t we pay you enough?

JOHN                          It’s not that Sir.  I don’t get high anymore.

PRESIDENT              Ok I get it.  So you hit the lows, yes?

JOHN                          Pretty much Sir

PRESIDENT              Are you sure you want to do this John?

JOHN                          Damn sure Sir.

PRESIDENT              Nobody put you up to this?

JOHN                          Entirely my own idea Sir.

PRESIDENT              Tell you what.  You can resign here and now but think about it John

JOHN                          I am thinking about it Sir

PRESIDENT              …….. And if you want to re-sign in the morning, you can

JOHN                          Are you sure Sir?

PRESIDENT              President’s prerogative, isn’t it John?

JOHN                          Sounds fair Sir

PRESIDENT              No hard feelings?

JOHN                          None whatsoever

PRESIDENT              Better to be hired than fired John.  Rough tough world out there

JOHN                          Totally agree Sir.

PRESIDENT              Excuse me for a few minutes John, I must run to the bathroom.

JOHN                          Get high Sir?

PRESIDENT              Spoken like a true Gent John.  Stuff it!  I’ll resign.

JOHN                          I think you mean re-sign Sir

PRESIDENT              It’s a done deal John.


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