This is a speaking language exercise for English language students.

Quite often, students are asked to speak in front of the class for one minute.

Sometimes, the student is not told what the topic is to speak about until the student is selected by the teacher to speak.

This presents a real challenge to a student.

It is only for a minute but the student must be composed, overcome nerves and try to speak to the class of schoolfriends in front of him or her.

You do not need to know much about the topic to speak for one minute.

You are probably going to say six or seven sentences with an introduction, an explanation and a conclusion.

Not much more than that.

The one minute speech should be spoken slowly, surely and clearly.

Of course, the student should speak up so that the rest of the class can hear and be attentive what what student says.

Speaking is all about diction and delivery.  Confidence and comprehension.

Know English.  Know English words and the structure of the language with nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs.

Okay, you make mistakes.  So what?  Everybody does.

A one minute speech is needed as part of the modern proficiency test for Toefl or Ielts if English is studied at an advanced level.

The one-minute speech serves as excellent speaking practice on a regular basis.

Do it in front of the mirror at home.  Do it in the bathtub.  Record yourself on your smartphone.  Ask your Mother to hear you speak.  Do it at the breakfast table.  Talk to your pet cat or even the fish in the aquarium.

It sounds silly, I know but it helps you become focused on the method and technique of speaking about something in English for one minute.

The aim is to speak for one minute about a topic without any notes or a script.  No prompts.

Practice doing it a few times on topics which you are comfortable speaking about, topics you know quite well.  Yes, at the beginning, use a few notes to help you.

You will soon get the hang of it.  The one minute speech will improve your English for sure.


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