This is a simple lesson intended to encourage elementary and junior high school students to talk for one minute in a fluent manner about a specific topic.

I want to talk to you today about The Pencil Case.

Every student has a pencil case.

It is probably the most important thing a student possesses in his schoolbag.

The pencil case is the essential home for all the tools a student needs to use at school.

It is light, practical, portable and easy to carry as well being easy to open and close.

It can be made from wood or metal, synthetic or soft fabric with a zipper and small flap pockets.

The pencil case will reflect the taste and character of its keeper.

Inside the pencil case you will find writing and colouring pencils plus pens, a sharpener, an eraser, a highlighter, a glue stick and scissors.

Pencils should be kept sharp at all times.

No pencil should be used which is not sharp or less than 6cm in length, otherwise there is risk of causing injury to the writing hand.

The pencil case will also reflect style of its keeper in terms of colour, size, texture, decorative features and marketing logo.

Just like any home, the family living inside the pencil case should be allowed air to breathe.

In other words, all items should be quick and easy to find and the space contained within should not be crowded.

Imagine one day you lost your pencil case.  You should be able to accurately describe it in every detail so that it can be found.

That’s all I have to say about a pencil case.  Mine is precious and I would know it anywhere.

Thank you for listening to my presentation.



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