This is a short and amusing conversation between two people about a chair. 

It is speaking practice of course.  Please try to speak the conversation in a dramatic and amusing way to practice emphasis on the important words.

Here we go!

JOHN              Excuse me, is anybody sitting here? (pointing to the chair next to James)

JAMES           Hmmm.  I don’t think so.  But let me look. ….    (James picks up the chair and looks.  A couple of seconds later, he responds) Nope.

JOHN              So is it free?

JAMES           Why are you asking?  Do you want to buy it?

JOHN              Of course not.  Why would I want to buy a chair?

JAMES           Because you asked if it was free.

JOHN              Yes I did.

JAMES           You see.

JOHN              So can I sit down on the chair?

JAMES           That’s what people usually do on chairs, isn’t it?  Sit down on them!

JOHN              So I can sit down on it then?

JAMES           What did I just say?

JOHN              You never said I could.

JAMES           I never said you couldn’t.

JOHN              So I’ll sit down on it then.

JAMES           Up to you.  Be my guest.  It’s not my chair.

JOHN              Thank you.

JAMES           You’re welcome.

JAMES           By the way, are you going to be long?

JOHN              Blimey.  I’ve just sat down.  Why are you asking me that?

JAMES           My friend is coming in a minute.

JOHN              But I’m sitting here – on the chair – which is not your chair.

JAMES           My friend will not be happy if he has not got a chair to sit on.

JOHN              There are only two chairs.

JAMES           And you’re sitting on the other one.

JOHN              So are you.

JAMES           Ah, but I sat down first.  First come, first served, Matie.

JOHN              I’ve had enough.  I’m going.  I get the message.

JAMES           Toodle-loo.  Have a nice day.

JOHN              Strange fellow!



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