This is a simple lesson aimed at elementary school students who are learning English as a second language.

It is intended for listening, reading and speaking practice.

Here we go!


The journey of the letter begins in the mind.

At home on a misty March morning.

I sit down at my desk, take pen, paper and I write a letter.

It’s a letter to my friend on the other side of the world.

When the letter is written, I put it into an envelope.

I write my friend’s address on the front of the envelope and seal it.

I go to the Post Office, buy a stamp and stick it in the right hand corner of the envelope.

Then I post the letter in the postbox next to the post office.

The post-van collects all the letters at five o’clock in the afternoon and takes them to the sorting office in town.

The letter will now make a long journey by air to my friend.

Finally, after many days, the postman delivers the letter on his daily round to the letterbox at the house of my friend.

She is very excited.  She opens and reads my letter.

The journey of the letter is complete.

That’s it.  The story of the journey of a letter.  Short and Sweet!


One thought on “JOURNEY OF A LETTER

  1. Hi Paul, yes that is short and sweet and a good ‘ how to ‘ on posting a letter granted it was written for a student, look forward to reading more of your blogs on WordPress thanks James.


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