This is a short one minute talk about Computer Games.

I like playing computer games very much.

They are a lot of fun.

I consider playing computer games as one of my many hobbies.

My favourite game is Minecraft but there are many others which I like.

I like Minecraft because it’s challenging and stimulating.

It helps me to think logically and plan things with good strategy.

I usually play once or twice a week for about two hours.

I might play for a longer time at weekends or during holidays.

I only play computer games when I have finished my schoolwork and when I have finished my jobs at home around the house.

I must always ask my parents for permission to play beforehand.

Sometimes, I play on the computer or laptop using the keyboard and mouse.

Other times I play a dedicated video game such as Playstation or X-box or on a hand-held device or gadget.

For sure, playing computer games can make you lazy, forget to do important things and the computer screen can hurt your eyes.

Some people think playing computer games can rot your brain, make you become aggressive or even become an anti-social nerd but I don’t necessarily agree with that.

But it’s important to manage your time and don’t play computer games for too long.

Thank you very much for listening to my short presentation.



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