This is a simple conversation between a child and its Mother.

It is intended to practice the use of the first conditional tense and asking for something in return for something being done at home.

It compliments another lesson which I have written on my blog called ‘Common Chores’.

Practice the the conversation often to improve your general speaking ability and fluency.

Here we go!


YOU               Mum, have you got a minute?

MUM              Not really.  I’m busy.  Can’t you see?  What do you want?

YOU               I want to ask you, can I have more pocket money please?

MUM              Huh!  What for?  I’m not a Bank you know.

YOU               I know Mum.

MUM             And money doesn’t grow on trees, does it?

YOU               My pocket money has run out.  I want to buy a birthday party for my friend.

MUM              Well, let me think.  If you tidy your bedroom every day this week and if you                         wash up the dishes after dinner, I will give you extra pocket money

YOU               And can I go to the birthday party on Saturday?

MUM              If you water the plants and cook the rice when you come home from school,                         I will allow you to go to the birthday party

YOU               Oh thank you Mum.  You’re the best.  I love you so much.

MUM              Yeah, whatever!  Now go and do your jobs – before I change my mind

YOU               Thank you Mum.



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