My speaking lesson today is about ice cream.

Every day, I scream for ice cream.

I love ice cream so much.

In fact, I love ice cream so much, I scream.

There are, of course, many different flavours of ice cream.

Sometimes, the choice is quite overpowering.

What is it with chocolate and ice cream?  They are just a culinary marriage made in heaven.

Who does not want to go to heaven having eaten the most delicious and ultimate chocolate ice cream ever?

Loaded with chocolate chips, cookie dough and sweet fudge.  Oh my!

What do we have to choice from?

Blue moon, Chocolate brownie,  Caramel praline, Cinammon custard,  French vanilla, Lavender honey,  Peppermint Pie, Rum Raisin, Mexican Ginger.

I could go on ……………… and on but …..

I can’t help myself.  I must scream for ice cream.

One of my personal favourite is mint chocolate chip.

I like ice cream in a cone and a double dollop is awesome.

It’s kind of awesome when the ice cream seller scoops it up.

Ice cream scooping is like an art.  It must be done in a certain way.

There is even an ice cream parlour in downtown Bandung, Indonesia called ‘I Scream for Ice Cream’.


A real parlour where you can stuff yourself with a million different flavours of ice cream and scream ‘til your heart is content and your money is all spent.

But hey.  Let’s get real.

Can you beat a Strawberry Sundae on a Sunday!


A Banana split comes close, but to be honest, a Strawberry Sundae is unbeatable.

As a kid, I was always the first one in the queue to go and get a sixpence 99 from Mister Softee, the ice cream van which did the rounds in the neighborhood after school.

The unique musical calling tune added something to the flavour of the ice cream, somehow.

And when the nice Italian man who drove the van put squirts of strawberry and chocolate sauce on it, I must tell you, my friends, ……………………………….

Those were the days.  Those were certainly the days!

Ever since, I scream for Ice Cream.

Nowadays, an ice cream costs a lot more than sixpence and you might need to sacrifice ‘arm and a leg’ to get it.

It’s a treat worth expending for you and your family.

After all, there’s not fun eating ice cream alone, is there?

Can you imagine?  I scream for ice cream and nobody hears me!  That won’t do. 

That won’t do at all!

It’s Sunday.

It’s time for a Strawberry Sundae on a Sunday.

Hear me now.  I scream for ice cream.  Ice cream!


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for using my ice cream lesson to improve your spoken English.


Practice the sentences aloud to improve your fluency.

This lesson is intended for reading, writing and speaking.

Now you can join the Club and proclaim:

I scream for ice cream!




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